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Retirement means more time to spend with your family and with yourself. If you’re still too young to think about retirement, then you should dismiss the thought immediately, right? WRONG! Getting ready for your retirement years is not an overnight thing. It takes years of saving money and sacrificing wants to fulfill your retirement funds. But some people commit mistakes in planning for their retirement years.

Here some mistakes you could avoid to make your retirement years rewarding.

Setting goals at a much later time

Thinking that retirement is a distant matter keeps people away from setting their goals. Picture yourself 20-30 years from now; do you see yourself lying on the sand on the shore while watching your grandchildren run around? You can turn this vision into reality if you save for your retirement as early as now.

Relying on your children

So you’re trying your best to raise your children well. You’re working your heart out to send them to a reputable school. That way, they will be more successful and might even receive twice the salary you are receiving today. But should you really depend on them? Soon, your children will have a family of their own. Their families will be on top of their priority list. If you will depend on them, you will not only give them burden, you will also make your retirement years worse than your working years.

Ignoring debts

As stated in the previous blog, Save Money or Pay Debts, one should save AND pay debts. While you’re still too young, try as much as you can to eliminate your debts.

When it comes to retirement, small things that you’re doing now really matter; work through the important areas and plan for all the facets of your retirement NOW. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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Lenddo on Retirement: Avoid Retirement Mistakes NOW

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Lenddo on Retirement: Avoid Retirement Mistakes NOW

This article was published on 2012/07/05