The People who Retire in Belize

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There are quite a number of people from across the globe who are currently retiring in Belize. Since the government of Belize introduced a very attractive QRP (Qualified Retired Person) program, people across the globe are now wishing to retire in this country.

The Germans introduced retirement in the late 18th century. With the depreciating life expectancy of people, retirement has been introduced to the public so that people won't work till their last breath, which is often the case during the earlier times. Also, back then, people retired at a very later age of 60 and above; now, the program that Belize offers is applicable to people whose age is at least 45.
With the program offered by Belize, it is very easy to pass the requirements. And if you're worried about the retirement income, you only need a $2000 income per month to be enrolled.

Belize is a nation occupied by a different mix of races: Hondurans, Mexicans, Eastern Indians, Asians, Mayans and many more to add since North American, Europeans, Australians and more are also joining in. It's not just a wish to retire in Belize, it's a popular choice.

Living in Belize has been something a lot of city folks would like to trade-in, yet they're afraid that the cost of living would probably chase them back to city life. For retirees and anyone else, the cost of living in Belize is significantly lower than most countries. The exchange rate is also very stable and though some products are mostly imported, local products are cheaper and are sufficient for day to day living.

People who retire in Belize fall in the classification of adventure seekers and nature lovers. Who wouldn't want to live by the beach or the rainforest with endangered creatures that can only be seen on television? A large portion of Belize is protected and preserved since they value nature and would not want to follow the paths of those polluted cities. Mountain climbing, scuba diving, snorkeling and trekking are just a few of the things a retiree can enjoy in the limitless beauty of Belize.

These people who choose Belize as a retirement haven are peace-loving people and prefer the sound of chirping birds than the noise of city bustle. Although the Belizean government refuses to disclose the information on the exact number of retirees and where they are coming from, it is quite evident that the number is enormous, and a significant increase in percentage is notable annually.

People who retire in Belize are not exactly Hollywood stars like you always see on other web sites or promotional ads. They are just the average Joes who simply prefer nature. Since in Belize, living modestly and simply is quite common. One does not exactly have to be an heiress of some hotel empire or be extremely rich to be able to live here. There are affordable homes and properties in Belize. A retirement experience in Belize will not be able to compare to any other retirement places out there. Happy and modest people living in a peaceful hospitable community just waiting for you so take the opportunity to be one of them and share lovely memories and adventures that inhabit Belize.

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The People who Retire in Belize

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This article was published on 2010/09/27